Showcase Mi Casa


The Daughtery Home


“I thought I had a plan when I called Candice.  My plan wasn’t bad; her ideas were just so much better.  I learned so much about colors, lighting, textures, and fabrics.  Sounds like a lot, but it didn’t take Candice long to show me how all these components can transform a room.  Who knew just changing the old light bulbs to the new LED daylight bulbs would literally change the color and depth of an open floor plan.   Things don’t have to be expensive to make a big difference.  The crew she uses to turn her ideas into reality were professional and respectful.  Any painter who puts on shoe covers before coming into my house, paints perfect lines and cleans up immediately after the job is top notch.  With Candice supervising and her crew working hard the job finished on time, within budget and looks beautiful – now that’s a win.”