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Saves Money

I know what youʼre thinking, “How can hiring someone save me money?” Well, just like hiring a CPA for your taxes an Interior Designer can help you avoid costly mistakes, add value to your home and appeal to a buyer by standing out in the resale market.


Planning and Execution

When designing or renovating a home planning is key to execution. A trained and seasoned set of eyes allows you to see things you may not have in the planning process which leads to a smooth project execution.


Budget and Project Management

Evaluating the project budget and managing the timeline leads to a timely and successful project.


Professional Evaluation

A designer will meet with you and dig into your wants and needs and point out things you may not have thought of. When evaluating your project she/he is thinking of all the design elements and principles for the space.


Resources and Communication

An established designer has resources that are not available to the general public. She is also connected to contractors and technicians who are experienced in the fields needed to execute a project. Example: drapery workrooms, painters, and drapery, wallpaper, and artwork installers to name a few!


Professional Organizations

Being a member of professional organizations allows the designer to stay on top of trends in color and style as well as building resources to offer to clients.